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Sustainable Marketplaces Galore!

Published by Honest Inc. on
One of the things we continually hear from ethical vendors is the difficulty in competing with Amazon. The sheer scale of the Amazon marketplace makes it tricky for smaller marketplaces to differentiate on price and shipping speed. This in turn means that fewer price-sensitive consumers are willi... Read More

Packaging & Mushroom Tech

Published by Honest Inc. on
Happy (belated) 50th earth day anniversary! With shops and malls closed globally, consumers have been driven online. E-commerce has doubled in the past 2 mon... Read More

Cacti and Kelp To The Rescue

Published by Honest Inc. on
We've dug deep into the archives for this week's selection of sustainable business champions. From cactus leather to seaweed jerky, we hope you find these brands interesting, inspiring and ultimately useful sustainable alternatives.... Read More

4 Kitchen & Retail Hacks

Published by Honest Inc. on
I hope everyone is continuing to stay safe and healthy during these trying times. One of the very few benefits of working from home and closing non-essential businesses is that we have had time to reflect on what is truly necessary in our lives. At least personally, trips to the mall and eating ... Read More

Plant-based Meat & Tree-based Underwear

Published by Honest Inc. on
I hope everyone is doing well! This week we decided to feature companies that use innovative raw materials. These companies are upcycling waste, substituting environmentally friendlier alternatives, and creating entirely new foods. As a reminder, none of these companies are paying us - we just re... Read More