Cacti and Kelp To The Rescue

We've dug deep into the archives for this week's selection of sustainable business champions. From cactus leather to seaweed jerky, we hope you find these brands interesting, inspiring and ultimately useful sustainable alternatives.

Desserto: Leather Made From Cactus. 🌵

There are lots of companies that make vegan leather goods. While these products perform well from an animal-rights perspective, vegan leather is usually made from petroleum-based plastics and cannot be recycled itself. This is where Desserto comes in: Desserto makes vegan leather from Nopal cacti grown in Mexico. This bio-material mimics leather closely, is supple, moisture resistant and can be made into a variety of bags and clothing items. Desserto leather is 50% biodegradable, which is a significant improvement over non-recyclable plastic-based alternatives.

Nuud: A Long-Lasting Sustainable Deodorant. 🙋‍♀️

Nuud is an anti-odorant that checks a ton of ethics and sustainability boxes! They are cruelty-free, avoid potentially toxic chemicals, stain-free and come in recyclable bioplastic and cardboard packaging. Importantly, they are also affordable and represent an awesome sustainable alternative to the usual CPG deodorant brands.An aside regarding aluminum in deodorant: many people believe that aluminum in deodorant represents health risks or is even carcinogenic. To date, multiple studies have disproved this claim. That said, aluminum in anti-perspirant definitely leaves stains and should probably be avoided for this reason.

Akua: Vegan Jerkey From the Sea. 🌊

Kelp and other seaweeds can be considered "superfoods" in their own right. They are incredibly nutrient rich, contain antioxidants and minerals, and may be linked to preventing diabetes and blood clots. The only health risk from seaweed is the high salt levels. Akua makes three flavours of kelp-based jerky, using natural ingredients such as shitake mushrooms, nori, sesame seeds and various spices. They have also recently started producing a kelp-based pasta. Like the Impossible Burger, we think products like Akua will help bring plant-based options to the masses.

Etiko: A Totally Transparent Clothing Brand. 👖

Aussie-based Etiko personifies supply chain transparency in all of their shirts, shoes, underwear and bags. They publicly trace their supply chains from start to finish and prioritize fair wages and reduced environmental footprint. They use organic cotton, natural rubber, recycled packaging and are carbon neutral. We're such fans of Etiko that users of our extension can opt to redeem their credits for Etiko gift cards.