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Snacks, Soap & Slow Fashion

Published by Honest Inc. on
It’s April Fools’ Day but this week’s digest features companies whose impact is no joke! They are a diverse bunch of impact pioneers, fashion startups, beer brewers, and healthy living enthusiasts.Grove: Healthy, effective home essen... Read More

Cookies, Cotton & Coffee

Published by Honest on
This week we decided to focus on companies that have built sustainability into their supply chains from the ground up. Hailing from Mexico, New Zealand, and the United States, these companies are proving that protecting the environment, treating workers fairly, and building awesome products can ... Read More

Recycled (Toilet) Paper and Other Finds

Published by Honest Inc. on
This week’s companies support at-risk communities all over the world. These companies' humanitarian efforts directly fund important projects in sanitation, agriculture, and criminal justice reform. Who gives a crap... Read More