Recycled (Toilet) Paper and Other Finds

This week’s companies support at-risk communities all over the world. These companies' humanitarian efforts directly fund important projects in sanitation, agriculture, and criminal justice reform.

Who gives a crap: Recycled toilet paper. 🧻

With toilet paper being an increasingly hot commodity, why fight over rolls at the store when you can have it delivered directly to your door? Who gives a crap makes toilet paper from recycled paper, and donates 50% of profits toward high-impact sanitation projects in developing countries. How glorious would your washroom breaks be if you knew you were also preventing deforestation and building toilets for those in need.

Dave’s Killer Bread: Bakery employing rehabilitated convicts. 🍞

Dave Dahl, the founder of Dave's Killer Bread, has an amazing story. After spending 15 years in prison, he began working in his family's bakery and realized the importance of meaningful work in the rehabilitation of ex-cons. This inspired him to create a new brand of bread and employ former convicts in the bakery.In 2015 Dave's Killer Bread was acquired by Flower Foods but continues to be organic and non-GMO certified, and employ hundreds of former convicts looking for a second chance.

Kiva: Loans that change lives. 💸

Next time you're making a donation (or giving one as a gift) consider Kiva, the premier microfinance platform. Kiva lends to entrepreneurs in developing markets. They have a 97% repayment rate, meaning that capital can be deployed incredibly efficiently towards projects in agriculture, education, women-owned businesses and more!

Nisolo: Peruvian handmade shoes. 👞

Nisolo produces high-quality, handmade leather goods from Peru. Their producers make 30% more than fair trade requirements with zero child labour, and they have created hundreds of jobs created in these local communities. Nisolo values the producer and the planet as much as the end consumer. Also their shoes look great.