Snacks, Soap & Slow Fashion

It’s April Fools’ Day but this week’s digest features companies whose impact is no joke! They are a diverse bunch of impact pioneers, fashion startups, beer brewers, and healthy living enthusiasts.

Grove: Healthy, effective home essentials. 🧼

Home essentials are likely environmental and ethical offenders since they are packed full of powerful solvents, detergents, and other chemicals. Grove makes it easy to find healthy home essentials and all of their products are eco-friendly, ethical, plant-based, and just plain awesome. They also carbon offset every shipment, are planting 1 million trees in the next three years, and are a certified B Corporation.

TOMS: Revamping an impact pioneer. 🥿

As early as 2006, TOMS pioneered the "buy one, give one" impact model, donating millions of pairs of shoes. It turns out that this isn't a particularly effective way to help people, and in fact is a surefire way to put thousands of local shoemakers out of business. Fortunately, the team has revamped their impact model and now donates a third of all profits to global causes promoting physical safety, gender equality, and mental health.

ReGrained: Snack bars from upcycled beer. 🍫

Brewing beer can be incredibly wasteful - every six pack yields one pound of used grain. The founders of ReGrained came to this realization when brewing in college and started upcycling this waste grain into snack bars full of plant protein, prebiotic fibre, and nutrients. The brewing process also imparts a distinct taste into the bars; they boast flavors including chocolate coffee stout and honey cinnamon IPA.

House of Sunny: Slow fashion for every season. 👗

The fashion industry produces 10% of global carbon emissions and 85% of textiles produced annually end up in landfills. House of Sunny knows that the only sustainable fashion model is to build clothes that last. This brand limits new releases to prevent waste, vets their supply chains to ensure ethical standards are met, prioritizes quality and durable materials, and doesn't use skins, furs, or leather.